Transformative Ad Tech for Multi-Platform Subscription Video

Engage SVOD audiences with distraction-free impressions

RIP Primetime TV: 1950 - 2015

Where once, a handful of giants ruled the airwaves and box office with fixed timeframe, high-profile broadcasts and releases, the global media audience of 2015 is tuned to the polar opposite: A teeming jungle of nimble, upstart producers serving billions of digital streams per month to 70-in Big Screens to 42mm wristwatch displays and everything in between — all via Web and 100% on-demand.

Talk about a market turned on its ear.

Television dollars smothered Radio, Cable dollars drained Television and now Broadband dollars are gutting Cable.

Audiences Want Content, Not Ads

Engage SVOD audiences with search, messaging + social-ready impressions

EPPIC = Embedded Product Integrated Content

EPPIC delivers distraction-free, streaming video ads to audiences via desktop, mobile/tablet, set-top and smartTV, giving content studios/producers, advertisers, platform providers and device makers a powerful platform for monetizing Product-Integrated Content.


Delivered as a SaaS, embedded into the video stream and activated via player plug-in/app, EPPIC sidesteps pre-roll and banner ads, yielding high-visibility ad impressions to an increasingly on-demand and ad-averse digital video audience.

Ultra-High Viewability

“Ads are only good if they are actually seen by a human being.” The Media Relations Council’s recent guidelines send clear and unambiguous message about Ad Viewability, minimum pixels and non-human traffic. EPPIC ads are upfront, dominant and always effective.